Today, 20th November, is Transgender day of remembrance, when people across the world honour and remember those who have lost their lives to violence because they are trans.

295 recorded cases in the last 12 months. My thoughts are with all those who are live in fear wherever they are and for those in danger for being their true selves.

Main findings Trans Murder Monitoring 2016 for Europe:
2008 – 2016: 113 murdered trans people reported in Europe
Migrants constitute to be a high number of murdered trans people in Europe (1/3 of 113 murders in last 8,5 years were migrants)
Murdered trans people whose profession is known: 86% are sex workers (Turkey: 90%/ Italy: 83%)
Strong intersection of racism, transphobia and discrimination against sex workers (Italy: 93% of murdered migrants were sex workers)



November 20th, 2016

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