One of the themes of this year’s Bi Visibility day is the Big Tweet – encouraging us all to use social media to tweet about bisexuality. The aim, I gather, is to increase visibility – which means increasing awareness. Raising the issue of bisexuality is an important one as many people identify as being attracted to more than one gender. Bisexuality is a term which can be used to self-identify as being sexually or romantically attracted to more than one gender but it encompasses a wide range of identities.
This is often an issue for people who seek out absolute black and white definitions of sexual and gender identity. There appears to be a lack of understanding of bisexuality as an identity and often people make assumptions about this term. Like many other LGBT+ identities and identifiers, it is often associated with socially criticised concepts of promiscuity and lack of commitment. This is not the case. Bisexuality as an identity refers to how an individual expresses themselves and it is inherent upon us to remember that how other people are attracted to each other, how they define and engage in consensual relationships, and how they live their lives is none of our business.
Why is Bi Visibility day important then? Mainly because it starts the conversation, enables the dialogue, supports people who identify in this way to discuss their identity if they so wish. It promotes equality, by giving a space and time to focus on bisexuality. It might serve to empower some people to share their identities with families, friends or colleagues. And it acts as a point of activism, for individuals and for organisations, a locus for expressing the intent to be inclusive and to celebrate diversity.
It is a great thing to see that the Bisexual Pride Flag is flying from the Abbey flagpole today on the Park Campus of Swansea University. This is a significant step forward in making our University’s commitment to equality and inclusivity as public as it possibly can. A recent report has highlighted that levels of LGBT+ hate crime are higher than ever in the UK, and that our society still has much work to do to erase prejudice, hate and misunderstanding. Bi Visibility day is a way for all of us, however we identify, to stand up and be counted and support the rights of all to have their identities respected and valued.
Happy Bi Visibility Day!

January 4th, 2018

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